Privacy Policy for Buying your Accredited Degree on our site

We are committed to ensuring the protection of your privacy whenever you visit our website or communicate electronically with our staff members. This Privacy Policy therefore has been approved and is provided to guide the usage of our site.

Our Privacy Policy enumerated below provides the detailed explanation as to how our organization many use your personal information that you have provided to us or any that we collect through legal means.

The Privacy Policy is updated regularly. It is imperative that you go through this policy regularly.

Information collected from you

Information can be gathered and processed when you use our website. The following are the approved method of information collection:

1.1. If you complete a purchase or register for information by filling a form on our website, we can collect the information provided by you.
1.2. We can collect information through any communication on our site or with our personnel.
1.3: Traffic data, location data, weblogs, and any other form of communication can be collected. These details are gathered when you visit our site or when you use any resource tools on our site.

Use of Cookies

Situations may arise where we need to collect information about your computer to enable us provide relevant products and services to you. The information gathered is mainly statistical data which we may share with advertisers.

Details collected about you are for statistical purposes only. We will not share any identification information about you with advertisers

Cookies will be used to gather general online usage through the use of cookie file. If you use our site, this cookie file will be downloaded without any prompting. It will be located on your hard drive with information transferred to your hard drive for the purpose of data collection. A cookie is usually used to improve products/services, and the overall website characteristics that we provide to you.

Your computer has the option to decline cookies. Your browser options include an ‘enable’ button that allows you to decline cookies. Please understand that when you decline cookies, you may be limiting the access you have to some sections of our site.

Use of Information

Information collected and stored about you offers us the opportunity to improve our services and products for you. In addition to this, we may use your information for the below purposes:

3.1. Any commitment we make on a contracted basis.
3.2. If information is requested on our site concerning products and services offered, we may use your information. We can communicate products or services which may be of interest to you, if permission has been granted to us.
3:3. Notification or improvements many be sent to you with regards to product or services changes that might affect our service to you.
3:4. Current customers can be contacted on topics of products or services relating to previous sale if we feel it is something you might be interested in.
3:5. The use of your data might include permission for third parties to make use of your data. This permission will be granted by you in relation to unrelated products or services that may be of interest to you. We or third parties may only contact you in relation to this information if consent has been given for the information collection.
3:6. We can only use your contact and communications on our website if you have granted us permission.
3:7. Information that you do not want us or third parties to have access to can be withheld. We will always give you the opportunity to decline us or third parties usage of your communication or information.
3:8. We will not share identifiable data that can reveal who you are. Information collected are only statistical related that can be shared with third parties like advertisers.

Storage of Personal Data

4.1. We can only store and process data that we collect from you outside of the European Economic Area. However, we may take advantage of these outside areas, permitting a staff member to collect and process data from you. These processing may also work for our suppliers. The transfer of data may include processing your order on our site like using your payment information or providing support services. We take all relevant steps to ensure that your information is secure and in alignment with our Privacy Policy outlined in this document.

4:2. We use secured servers to ensure data are properly stored. Data on transactions is kept encrypted for safety purposes. All information  are encrypted and stored in our bank, for instance, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, HSBC, Citibank, Barclay, etc. Nobody, including our staff and the banks’ staff will be able to access your payment information.

Disclosure of Information

5.1. Your personal details to third parties will not be disclosed
5.2. Legal requirements may require sharing your information
5.3. Credit risk and fraud protection may make us disclose your information.

Third Party Links

Links that belongs to third parties may be seen on our site. Any third party site on our site also has a privacy policy. We request that you check their terms and policy of use. We do not accept responsibility or liability for the privacy policies of third parties on our site because we do not have control over the third party links.

Contacting Us

You can contact us at any time for enquiries, requests, or comments that you have on this Privacy Policy. Use our Contact Form to contact us.