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  • The use of accreditation
  • The supporting documents you will receive
  • The degrees we offer on our platform and you can benefit from buying a degree
  • Our privacy policy as it relates to buying a degree from us
  • The terms of use between buydegreeonline.com and clients

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University and College FAQs

No, All fees are ONE time fee. You will not be required to make any other payment in the future.

Yes, we ship internationally as long as we can process your payment

Yes, we accept Western Union. Kindly send us an email to request for more details on this.

Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal anymore. This is due to a number of fraudulent transactions.

No, only returning clients who have already ordered a degree from us in their own name and received the degree through Registered Air Mail can order for a third party person. (Please note that you will be required to sign and show your ID before you receive your package). The degree can only be shipped to the billing address on the credit or debit card. Card holder and the person named on the degree are both bound by the confidentiality contract (consult our privacy and confidentiality agreement for more information). The person whose name appears on the debit or credit card automatically accepts that the person named on the degree has given express permission for the degree to be obtained in their own name. In some cases, we will request your scanned ID and scanned credit or debit card (the front and back) for additional verification of your identity for your degree order.

We accept Western Union payment. Kindly send us an email to receive further details about Western Union payment. Otherwise, we will request your scanned ID and scanned credit/debit card (the front and back) for additional verification of your identity for your degree order.

There are different ways you can make payment to order for your degree. 1. Pay through Western Union (please send us an email for more information on Western Union method of payment). 2. Pay by prepaid credit card. You can also purchase a Visa Gift Card or Prepaid Visa or Master Gift Card or Prepaid Master Card at any bank or local store. These prepaid credit card can be purchased in USD $50, USD $100 instalments. 3. Pay through your family or friend’s credit card. Please note that this is the least option. However, we will request for your scanned ID and the scanned copy of the credit card of your family or friend (the front and back). If you do not provide these scanned copies, we will not be able to process your order.

Our Company offers the following: 1. Accredited, Verifiable and legal degrees with an official website. 2. A comprehensive university brochure. 3. A Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. 4. Verification directly from the university. 5. Lawyer, Government, and Embassy legalization. 6. A thesis/dissertation service. 7. Graduation gown, cap and hood. 8. A lifetime customer support service. In addition, our website and the university do not have negative reports online or offline. The university has also not been blacklisted as a diploma mill. We do not offer fake or duplicate degrees.

Your order will be shipped within 48 hours. Please note that we cannot ship the degree directly from the universities. The universities usually ship the degrees to one of our centers situated in Tokyo, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, or Toronto. We will forward your package to the address you supply to us. Your shipment is dependent on the shipping method you choose. For courier service like FedEx, UPS, or Speed Post, it will normally take about two to five days. For Registered Air Mail, it will take about one to three weeks, depending on your location.

Yes, you can choose between Registered Air Mail, DHK, Speed Post, or UPS.

You should send us an email immediately. We will look for the tracking number to see where the package is located or we will reship the package to you. The issue of not receiving your package is very rare because every package is usually sent by Courier service or Registered Air mail.

We will make the decision for you as long as you indicate the level of your degree such as Bachelor, Master, PhD, or Professorship. For instance, if you major in Mathematics, some universities awards Bachelor of Arts and some others awards Bachelor of Science degree. Therefore, we will choose a degree title that is most relevant to your major based on your country of residence, your major, and your chosen university.

The degree is an important document and we require that all packages we ship are duly signed by the card holder themselves.

Absolutely! We have the most advanced electronic and procedural security on our website. Our site is also approved by banks to protect and secure all information we collect. We regularly work with Chase Bank, Citibank, Barclays Bank, TD Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse, and HSBC to review our security system and handling procedure. In addition to this, our website uses the most advanced Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) to encrypt clients’ personal credit card information. Please note that your credit card information will NEVER be stored on our system. It is stored directly in our bank system. No one will have access to your credit card information when you use it on our website. We assure you that none of our staff members or bank staff members will have access to your credit card information.

We will not help you commit any fraud. Although we offer verifiable university degrees, the degrees are restricted for use for the following purpose:

  • CV Upgrade
  • Job Hunting
  • Job Interview
  • Job Promotion
  • Employment
  • Boost Self Confidence
  • Boost Self Image

The university degrees are never to be used for any dishonest, illegal or deceptive act which includes using any of our university degree for illegal activities in certain circumstances and places. Please consult with your local law before ordering a degree on our website. We strongly do not encourage that you get our degree for government services. If you want a degree for government services, kindly notify us first. We reserve the right to cancel your order at any time, with or without refund if we have reasons to believe you intend to use any of our degree for anything other than the stipulated usage.

We have our offices in UK, Switzerland, and USA. Our office locations handle different partnership with the universities in different continents. We also welcome partnerships from any reputable university.

Yes, the universities we are working with are 100% accredited. We have a wide coverage of affiliation with top international universities all over the world.

Degree Certificate FAQs

We have UK, US, European, Canadian, Asian, and Australian universities credit system. Nonetheless, most of the credit system is offered in the following: 1. Associate Degree – 60 credits, 2 year program. 2. Bachelor Degree – 120 credits, 4 years program. 3. Post Bachelor Degree – 30 credits, 1 year program. 4. Professional Diploma – 30 to 60 credits depending on your major, 1 to 2 years program. 5. PhD Degree – 120 credits, 4 years program. 6. Professorship, Honorary Professorship, and Honorary Doctorate Degree do not use any credit system because they are basically academic titles only.

You can get as many degrees as possible. However, you need to be realistic about your past work or life experience.

No, we do not sell life or work experience degree. All our degrees are original university degree.

Yes, all degrees are 100% accredited

Other than face to face learning, we can offer online, distance learning and mix mode learning (that is, mix of online, distance, and face-to-face). This type of learning mode will not reflect on your degree but will reflect in your student record or transcript to aid your job interview.

It is not compulsory. However, we advise that you order for at least one of the items as a further proof for your credentials.

We will forward your degree with a mini brochure. This will show you all the information about verification.

NO, verification cannot be done through email or phone. This is for privacy reasons and all universities in the world impose this confidential and privacy practice. Email and phone verification are not safe because anyone can verify through phone or email. Universities therefore use written verification method through postal mail or fax.

Yes, however, they need to have your consent before they can verify your degree. To verify your degree, you should provide your full name as it appears on your degree, date of birth, graduation date, degree title, mailing address, major, and your signature so as to process your verification. Due to security reasons, no university in the world will process your verification without all of the above credentials. This is the general verification policy all over the world.

Yes, we can. However, extra charges will apply. You will let us know what you want for your thesis so that we can customize your dissertation for you. The dissertation will become a permanent record of the university or the permanent record in the library. It takes about two to three months for us to provide this service. Another option is to buy your dissertation from an online source.

Yes, you can. The topic of your dissertation or thesis will not be mentioned in your degree. However, if you really want to mention your thesis or dissertation in your degree, you should let us know when you want to order for your transcript.

You can order a transcript in order to have a full curriculum of your degree program. We tailor each transcript to the specific major of study of the client.

Yes, we do. We have variety of graduation gowns and hood based on your degree major. Our graduation caps come in different sizes but our graduation gowns have just one size. Please note that graduation gown and hood take about one to two weeks to ship from the university warehouse.

Yes, we can. We have lawyer legalization for your degree. The legalization is a two-piece document. Our lawyer will sign and stamp your degree (extra set of degree) and offer extra sheet of document (called Jurat with Affiant Statement). This will have the official lawyer’s signature and stamp, the date and the university degree. This indicates an approval that the degree is real and true.

Yes, we have apostille. We can take your degree to the government office to be signed and stamped for apostille.

Yes, just like lawyer legalization. Our lawyer will notarize the degree with stamp and his signature.

Yes, we can. However, we cannot provide embassy legalization in North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Georgia, and Mali. Embassy legalization is quite time consuming and we usually advise that you get a lawyer for legalization and apostille in your country. If you need more information on this, please send us an email.

We are in partnership with many universities in the world to provide genuine university degree.

Yes, You can get your degree from your country as we ship internationally.

We offer authentic degrees from our pool of accredited universities and colleges from all over the world.

1. 100% Verifiable Degrees
2. Degrees Legally Registered
3. Confidentiality Guaranteed
4. Affordable Price For Anyone

You should send us an email immediately which degree you need.

Yes, in today’s time online degree is worth it. When you complete a degree course via distance learning, you receive the exact same qualification you would get, if you studied that university course on campus.

Checklist for the future you desire: Buy Degree Certificate Online

One of the important steps to achieving your desired future is to buy an accredited degree. If you currently have a job (even if you do not have a job yet), you do not have to stay for years to get the degree you desire. Within a couple of days, you can have your degree ready. The value of online degree has been raised which is why many busy professionals are opting to purchase a degree online. When you buy online accredited degree, you do not have to worry about attending lectures, studying, writing assignments and exams, and writing thesis or dissertation. All you have to do is make an order for your desired degree and within days, you will have your degree.

Before you make the order for your degree, there are some things you must consider. The first thing is the website where you want to buy degree certificate. There are many websites that sell degrees but among the lots, there are some diploma mills. It is important that you avoid the diploma mills. When you are considering buying online accredited degree, below are the checklist items that your service provider should have:

  • 100% Accredited and Authentic Degrees
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Embassy Legalization
  • Graduation Letter
  • Graduation Gown and Hood
  • Lawyer Legalization
  • Mini-brochure from the university for verification
  • Reference letter from professors
  • Student Records
  • Transcript and Diploma

A genuine company that sells accredited degree must have all the aforementioned credentials. When you buy accredited degree online from us, we assure you that you will get all the above. We offer only accredited degrees from reputable universities around the world. Our degrees are genuine, 100% legal and verifiable. We have partnership with internationally recognized universities from all over the world. We offer over 500 majors that you can buy your degrees in. For further enquiries about our services and degrees, please fill our enquiry form or contact us through our website. Our customer care team will be delighted to help with any enquiry.

Order your degree now and take a step towards achieving your dream.

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