Applied Science and Engineering

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What is Applied Science & Engineering?


Applied Science and Engineering are disciplines that deal with the practical area of science. When you choose this discipline, you will be able to apply scientific knowledge and the principles of mathematics in physical environment like manufacturing, technology, operations, and design.

Degrees Offered for Applied Science and Engineering Course

Associate of Applied Science (AASc.)
Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc.)
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng.)

Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Master of Applied Science (MASc.)
Master of Engineering (MEng.)

Master of Science (MSc.)
Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)
Doctor of Science (DSc.)

Areas of Employment Opportunities:

Computer Programming
College Education
Criminal Science Investigation

Medicine and Allied Fields
Research and Development
Government Compliance

Operation Management
Scientific Sales

Available Major:

Architecture Engineering
Applied Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Applied Physics
Applied Mechanics Science
Bio Chemistry
Biometric Technology
Civil Engineering
Chemical and Bio-Product Engineering
Civil and Structural Engineering
Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Management
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Software Engineering
Computer Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science
Data Communication
Engineering Management
Engineering Technology
Engineering Physics
Environmental Studies
Environment Engineering
Geological Engineering
Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
IC Design Engineering
Information Technology
Information System Engineering
Intelligent Building Technology and Management
Materials Engineering
Logistics Management and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering
Multimedia Development
Multimedia Software Development
Chemical Engineering
Nanotechnology Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Engineering Enterprise Management
Integrated Engineering
Information Technology Management
Software Engineering
Technology Engineering
System Design Engineering
Technology Development
Technical Science
Technology Engineering

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