Three Questions Adult Students Have About Online Learning


When considering returning to college, many adults who likely have spent years away from college already are contemplating whether to take courses online or go on-campus. Online learning is more appealing to most adults, but there are many questions that they have, as there tend to be drawbacks to taking an online course in a remote environment.

Here are some common questions that adult students have about taking online courses in order to obtain a degree:

Is It More Expensive to Earn A Degree Online?

This is often the most common question that people have when determining if they should take courses online. Due to the lack in materials and need for classroom space, many students assume online learning is the cheaper option of the two. While most students will have to rely on financial aid to help buy university degree, online learning has a tendency to be less expensive than on-campus learning. This is true as far as tuition, course materials, and transportation goes, for students looking for a way to learn based on saving in costs. In short, it should not be as expensive as on-campus learning.

What Is the Main Perk of Learning Online?

It’s important to know for students that online learning is not considered a better way to learn over in-campus learning, but just a different way to learn. In terms of advantages over on-campus leaning, online learning is flexible, allowing you to maximize your time and not spend time dedicated to travelling. You will be able to attend class, read course material, and complete assignments in times it is most convenient to you. Because of this, you are able to attend classes while holding a job, raising a family, or addressing other commitments.

However, this encourages students to stay motivated and partake in the online course as instructed, as people who take online courses do not have the obligation to meet in class on a set day of the week and time. However, if you already have job experience in the online program you are taking, it could take much quicker for you to complete courses and obtain the degree that you are pursuing. If you have pre-existing credits from your earlier year in college, they can be transferred.

How Can I Tell if an Online Degree program is Legit?

Students will have to do a lot of research in order to determine good online degree programs from mediocre ones. You may even come across scams that you might find too good to be true. There are a number of different factors that contribute to whether or not a degree program is worth it, which include the following:

Small class sizes, or a small teacher-to-student ratio.

Teachers with real-world experience related to their subject.

Student support services, such as an academic advisor, financial aid services, and academic resources.

Regional accreditation.

Online reviews or testimonials from actual students.

Non-profit status.

You would like online degree programs that come with all of these features so that you have many different references and sources for help and assistance, whether you are in need of guidance academically or fiscally. Online programs without all of these services would have you left to find academic or financial help with a third party.