Reasons why to go for a Masters Of Philosophy programme? 


Have you ever considered the meaning of life? Have you ever thought if time travel is possible? Have you ever wondered if computers could ever become conscious? If you’re used to asking questions like this, a Masters Of Philosophy could be precisely what you’re looking for.

1. Respond to the BIG questions.
Why is there something as opposed to nothing? Can we establish or deny God’s existence? What is the purpose of life? Do we have the ability to choose? Is there an objective morality? What is the connection between the psyche and the brain? Is global equality a realistic goal?

Philosophers have debated these topics (and many more) for ages and come up with amazing answers.

2. Delve deeper and become an self-reliant philosopher
During their undergraduate studies, students receive a fair idea of the many responses to these fundamental philosophical concerns. A Masters Of Philosophy degree, on the other hand, gives you a far stronger feeling of the reality that these problems are still open and that work is continually being made in an effort to address them. You will learn how to be a self-contained philosopher and participate in philosophical discussions on these topics.

3. The world needs creative thinkers more than ever
Right now, innovation is in high demand, which is why many organisations are recruiting philosophers. Because of advances in information technology, computers and robots can now do practically all fundamental jobs, which is fast transforming the way humans work and live. Globalisation has produced various moral and political difficulties on a fundamental level, and we now require imaginative and agile thinking to confront these growing issues.

4. It’s never-ending
A passion for almost anything can develop a more abstract interest in philosophy. And, because of the openness of the dissertation component of our Masters Of Philosophy programmes at UK, as well as the breadth of competence in the department, there is the opportunity to specialise in a very broad variety of these areas of Philosophy.