Supporting Documents Specifications

Supporting Documents Specifications


When you purchase your degree from us, you get the below supporting documents:


Transcript: This is your academic record that shows the courses you registered for, the grades received and the degree you obtained. The transcript will be printed on the official university letterhead with security watermark and monogram.


Student’s Record: This contains the personal information, citizenship, and graduation date, signed by the university to show proof of authenticity.


Graduation Letter: This will be written by the principal inviting you to join the graduation on specific day.


Acceptance Letter: This is the official acceptance letter showing that you have been offered admission into the university to study your major. It will also reflect the acceptance date and the specific major you enrolled for.


Reference Letter: This is written by a Professor to indicate your performance during your courses. It is also possible to get more than one reference letter if you buy your degree from us.


Appreciation Letter: This is also written by a professor showing your research, community service, and assistance to the university.


Fine A4 Paper with the official logo of the university and security watermark featuring:

Date issued
Date awarded degree
Student number
Student address
Course Code

Course of Study
Duration of Study
Credit of each course
Grade of each course
Degree awarded
Grade point average

Stamp and signed by the university registrar
Back of transcripts
List of all grading criteria and method
Description of grade and grade point average
Seals in Official university envelope with stamp

Student Record:

Fine A4 paper with official logo letterhead
Student name
Student official address
Date of birth

Level of degree
Major of study
Study period finished

Graduation date
Signed by university registrar
Stamped by university registrar
Sealed in official university envelope

Reference letter by Professor:

Study, work and attitude reference by professor
Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead

Signed by professor
Sealed by professor

Acceptance Letter:

Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead
Acceptance date
Response date to the university (official reply date)

Message indicating your acceptance to the university and your major of study
Signature by University registrar

Appreciation Letter

Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead
Thank you message for research you have conducted

Thank you message for community service
Thank you message for helping the Faculty, Professor

Graduation Letter

Fine A4 paper with official University logo letterhead
Student name
Graduation date

Official address
Graduation Message from university Chancellor
Signature by University Chancellor

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